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Featured Case Studies

How Celtic Healthcare calls on the cloud to support rapid growth

On the East Coast, Michael, a physical therapist, has five patient visits lined up for the day. His first three go smoothly, but as he arrives at the fourth appointment, he’s informed that his patient seems to be reacting poorly to her medication and isn’t feeling strong enough for the session. He logs into the system to pull Caroline’s file, but when he tries to pull a similar file for another patient that had the same issue just a few months ago to see how it was handled, he runs into compatibility issues. A scheduled mandatory team meeting an hour away means he won’t have time to determine how best to help Caroline and still make it to his last appointment. He tries to reach a colleague for input, but because his team is out in the field, he’s not able to reach anyone quickly.

For healthcare providers, situations like Michael’s just aren’t acceptable.

In the heart of the Midwest, Amy, an in-home nurse, is caring for Joe, an elderly patient in hospice care. She’s providing critical support for not only Joe, but also for his family during these last days of his life. A 2:00 meeting with her healthcare team won’t prevent her from being present if she’s needed. She simply signs in with Skype. And when one of Joe’s adult sons has a question, she quickly uses Instant Message to consult a colleague in an entirely different location and is able to provide a more thorough response.

This is a real story of digital transformation.  Read the full story...

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