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Thursday, December 15, 2016/Author: Aaron Hauber /Number of views (12620)/Comments (0)/ Article rating: No rating

Skype for Business Call Park, Response Group and Front End Services will not start

Event ID 31008, 31201, 32212

I recently just went through a Skype for Business deployment that started out rough from the beginning and that pattern continued through the rest of the project.  I wanted to share one of the pain points I experienced in this article because when I reached out to the all mighty Google I came up with nothing while researching for resolution.


When attempting to start services for the first time on the Skype for Business Enterprise pool that I had just deployed in a greenfield scenario I noticed that the Call Park service would not start, the Response Group service would start and then stop, and the Front End service would remain in a “Starting” state for about 20 minutes or so before giving up. After scratching my head, a couple reboots and several other troubleshooting steps I turned to the Event Viewer.  While reviewing the event logs I came across the below events.  The event’s all mentioned there was a permissions issue with the Front End server’s server account.  During the deployment stages the permissions must have not been set properly on the databases.




To resolve this issue, I logged onto the SQL server where the backend instance was located. Using the SQL Management Studio, I logged into the Skype instance to set the permissions.  After consulting with a colleague he suggested that I not only give permissions to the Skype server account but also give permissions to the NT Authority\Network Service account as the permissions for it probably were not set either.  Under security I created a login for the NT Authority\Network Services and then proceeded to give the account sysadmin privileges and gave the account db_owner rights to all of the databases.

I then attempted to create a logon for the Skype Server but found that browse function did not allow me to search for computer accounts.  To overcome this obstacle, I had to manually create the account using a SQL query shown below. After creating the account, I gave it db_owner rights and sysadmin privileges just as I had done for the NT AUTHORITY\NETWORK SERVICE account.  I remoted back into the Front End and voila, all the services started right up! 

Monday, August 15, 2016/Author: Aaron Hauber /Number of views (16633)/Comments (0)/ Article rating: 4.0