We have a proven and succinct methodology for delivering Secure Communications and Collaboration technologies.

Without it we wouldn't be able to promise and deliver the level of service we do every day. Without it we'd be just another company implementing the solution then leaving instead of following through to make sure your end users are excited to use their new communication tools. It's why we hire the best and train them to be better. Why our employees have hundreds, if not thousands, of technical certifications of expertise. And why we're the Microsoft's Unified Communications Partner of the Year....year after year.

Replace / integrate your aging telephony

Are you tasked with finding a communications solution to your outdated phone system? You're not alone! Most of our clients start researching Unified Communications and Collaboration for this very reason! According to InfoTrack, 52% of Enterprises are currently deploying Lync or Skype for Business Enterprise Voice. An additional 30% are planning to deploy Skype for Business. That is over 80% of Enterprises are moving to Skype for Business. With over 1500 UC projects under our belt we can help you to decide if replacing or integrating is a better option for your organization. Read More

Moving to the Cloud?

Virtually any Microsoft Partner can gain you access to Office 365 and Azure but what do you do when you get there? Enabling envisioning engagement can get you on the right path by understanding your goals while explaining the possibilities! For example: a biotech client can use SharePoint Online and integrate with Microsoft Azure to enable multifactor authentication. They can now capitalize on a business opportunity with a new partner by setting up a secure SharePoint collaboration platform in just a few clicks! That’s not just collaboration, that’s a competitive advantage. The quicker their product comes to market the more lives are saved! Read More

Secure your on-premises and cloud assets?

Enabling shares Microsoft’s philosophy about security is to Protect, Detect, and Respond. Protection occurs at many layers, detection occurs by using signals from millions of events feeding into the Security Graph, and responses can include alerting administrators or quarantining compromised accounts. Many capabilities are free with Office 365 or Azure subscriptions, but they are not activated and configured by default. Enabling Technologies provides guidance, hands on assistance, user education, and managed services to take Microsoft’s security capabilities and put them into practice. Read More

Need to increase User Adoption?

What technologies we provide users is an important decision, but perhaps the most important question of all is “will they use it?” Enabling’s “Lights, Camera, Adoption!” Organizational Change Management program provides customers with the tools required to successfully drive user acceptance and high adoption of new technologies. Contact us today get your deployment to go viral! Read More

Need a Call Center Solution for Lync/Skype for Business

It's no secret that Microsoft Lync and now Skype for Business have gained traction in almost all areas of enterprise communications. The one exception is the contact center -- because Microsoft doesn't have a product in this space. Several contact center vendors integrate with Lync, and Enabling has partnerships with many of the best solutions to allow you to have the best particular application for your situation. Contact us today to go over our options! Read More

Struggling with Disorganized Content?

All organizations are digitizing their content and SharePoint is among the most effective ways to store, share and collaborate on that content. 200,000 organizations worldwide use SharePoint, but would you consider your organization’s use of SharePoint a success? Mismanaged and ungoverned SharePoint farms have lead many IT organizations to the brink of frustration, and many user groups going outside of IT for solutions. Enabling can assist in building a searchable, secure and structured content, ensuring users find value in using SharePoint. Read More

Skype for Business, Office 365, Sharepoint, Azure

2015 Microsoft Partner of Year


2015 Microsoft Partner of Year

Communications Market Acceleration



Why we won the award…

What technologies we provide users is an important decision, but perhaps the most important question of all is “will they use it?” Enabling’s “Lights, Camera, Adoption!” Organizational Change Management program provides customers with the tools required to successfully drive user acceptance and high adoption of new technologies. Enabling ensures that everyone in the organization is excited to use the new technology with fun and exciting pre-planned deployment plans. Operational Change Management made all the difference with one of Enabling’s local clients. Enabling just finished up working with this new client to deploy Lync Enterprise Voice at over 70 locations with more than 7,000 users. They were able to use the preplanned roll out plans from Enabling Technologies to insure a successful adoption.

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2012 Microsoft Partner of Year



2012 Microsoft Partner of Year

Unified Communications Solutions. Instant Messaging / Presence / Conferencing / Voice



Why we won the award…

Our client, one of the nation’s leading architecture and engineering firms, wanted to improve customer relationship management. They required their project managers to take notes of customer phone calls in Dynamics’ CRM. However, their PMs only used CRM to log calls, and rarely kept it open and available. Getting to CRM’s call notes page took eight mouse clicks for each phone call, taking time and effort. Many times, the PMs were unwilling or unable to spend the extra time to comply with procedures. Enabling created ETC CRM Sync, which uses Lync APIs to automatically pop a screen to the customer’s CRM page, where the PM can immediate start taking notes. The integration significantly reduced the time and effort it normally takes to log the call notes in CRM. Not only did Enabling’s solution save their project managers time, but the company has much more accurate reporting and a complete call history for all their clients in CRM.

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2010 Microsoft Partner of Year



2010 Microsoft Partner of Year

Unified Communications Solutions. Instant Messaging / Presence / Conferencing / Voice



Why we won the award…

Our client, a global provider of strategic outsourcing services, looked to Enabling for assistance rolling out Unified Communications to their organization. Depending on the time of year and the status of outsourcing contracts, user counts ranged between 7,000-14,000. They needed to replace their older Avaya PBXs and Voicemail systems. Enabling designed and implemented Lync, including Enterprise Voice, and Exchange Unified Messaging. In addition, Enabling used Lync’s APIs to connect to the client’s attendance/absentee tracking system. When an employee called in sick, Lync’s IVR took the call, prompted the caller to enter an employee ID and reason for absence, then inserted the information into the attendance application. Lync would then place an outcall to other potential substitutes and prompted them to ask if they’d be able to cover the shift. This saved FTEs from having to manually handle the process, and enabled quicker coverage for absenteeism. Lync not only proved to be a reliable voice system, but Enabling turned it into an extensible business enabler.

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Enabling Technologies is able to help you with all of your Unified Communications needs from Planning and Design to Implementation
and Help Desk Support or Managed Services after Implementation. From evaluating a move to the cloud to replacing a phone system with Skype for Business. 
Enabling will educate, set clear expectations, and execute a plan with you that meets your business objectives. Our experience and knowledge will minimize your risk and maximize ROI.

Customer Reviews

  • Every person in the organization is focused on customer service and exceeding expectations. Beginning my second implementation with them and I know it will be successful. Looking forward Lync 2013 then building a project for Office 365.

    Tim Carlson, Combe

  • The people are amazing to work with. Exceptionally knowledgeable and genuinely good people. The "Enabling Experience" continues from project conception, through implementation and carries over into ongoing support. By far the best technology partner I have the pleasure of working with.

    James Thompson, The Arsht Center

  • After an unsuccessful attempt with another vendor, we contracted with Enabling to rescue our LYNC project. We found their team to be highly proficient, great communicators, and consistently delivered on their commitments. The project came in on time and on budget. We have continued our relationship with Enabling through their Total Care support package, which has been a decision that we have not regretted.

    Rodney Conrad, FEI Systems

  • We've been happy customers for almost five years, and I see no reason why we would use anyone else for the next five.

    CIO Financial Services - anonymous

  • Enabling was assigned to us when our initial vendor of choice went out of business. Enabling reviewed all information that was submitted, identify and resolved key problematic areas with our initial concept and paved the way to a successful implementation of our Lync 2013 deployment. With their assistance, adoption of our new UC Enterprise solution for Collaboration and voice was a smooth transition and growing traction daily. I would definitely recommend their services to anyone looking to have a strong foundation for UC Solution.

    Eric Muscarella, Esterline Corporation

  • Here is the signed close out. Thanks and congratulations on a great project. Enabling has just raised the bar for all of our partners.

    Kevin Long

  • Thanks so much for working so hard to get us resources on short notice.  Clayton and Dave are rock stars and I truly appreciate all the hard work and support provided by them.  They are both great assets to your company. (Don’t get jealous, Brad….you already know we worship you and your master Lync skills :))


  • Just wanted to share with you that your technical staff, particularly Wayne and David, did an outstanding job of supporting us throughout our most recent Lync crisis. Wayne’s efforts in understanding the critical nature of our problem, coordinating the resources, and doing whatever it took to solve the issue were incredible.


  • Just wanted to let you know that I was very happy with the work John Miller did last week and this week. He came prepared and accomplished an amazing amount of work in just a few days. I believe our installation is up and running with the exception of one service that is non-critical. I’m confident that Bill will get that one item running as well. You are fortunate to have John as part of your team.

  • Many thanks to you and your team for another successful (and as-smooth-as-IT-initiatives-can-go) project. As I’ve said on multiple occasions, we really do feel Enabling is just the right mix of talent, process and technology for Audax… Thank you, again.


  • Thank you for pushing to get the issue of the ghost calls fixed earlier this week. Your team had a sense of urgency to get the problem fixed and brought in the resources necessary to pinpoint the issue. Fixing this problem has had a positive impact on our staff and customers. I know that Chris and your folks worked hard to make this happen, and I appreciate everyone’s efforts.

    Mark Mayer | IT IS Manager Information Technology

  • Can't complain about anything.  Technical and project management side was very well done. Using Enabling as a benchmark for other engagements with consultants and the bar is set high.  "Far exceeded his expectations"  Pleased with work.  Was a consultant for 20 years.

    Jack Moore - Luck Companies

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