Building a Healthy, Secure & Productive Communications and Collaboration Infrastructure


Medical data is one of the fastest-growing targets of identity theft in the world. According to the Ponemon Institute, criminal attacks are the leading cause of data breaches in healthcare and cost the healthcare industry $6.2 billion a year.1 This fact, compounded with the growing use of electronic medical records, cloud technologies, and mobile scenarios, has many health organizations fearing for the security of their sensitive data.  Let Enabling Technologies work with you on developing a HIPAA compliant and Secure Communications and Collaboration strategy.

You may start your Unified Communications investigation thinking of solely Security but enhanced care team collaboration is key to streamlined Healthcare delivery.  Health professionals must access protected health information from multiple locations and devices. Experience virtually anywhere secure access to Office applications, optimized for the best experience across devices

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“In the healthcare arena, it’s critical to maintain compliance with all pertinent regulations, especially HIPAA [the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996],” says Hennessy. “I saw right away that the best and fastest way to ensure compliance was to move the entire organization to Office 365. It helps us meet HIPAA requirements, and we get advantageous pricing as a nonprofit, so the decision was really a no-brainer.”