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In today’s workplace, organizations are becoming more decentralized and digitized; and it’s more critical than ever to implement collaboration solutions capable of meeting productivity needs and access to important information.  At Enabling, we draw from our technical expertise to offer a complete line of services to help support your SharePoint needs.

With all the new features and functionalities that SharePoint offers, we can help you determine the right path and help you build a solid, cohesive plan to get the most out of it.  Enabling Technologies is the leader in Unified Communications and Collaboration and our SharePoint engineers have worked on some of the first, the largest, and the most complicated SharePoint environments nationwide. We deal with Management, Development, Administration, Support and best practices across the entire SharePoint suite of products.

SOLUTIONS:  Intranet, Content Management, Search & Automation

Successful SharePoint projects are those that are closely aligned to support your business strategy.  We believe that by closely engaging with employees and stakeholders that we can better understand your requirements and goals.  Helping you understand what your user’s needs are is the key element to ensure true user adoption.  


SERVICES:  Migrations, Envisioning, Planning & Design

Enabling often begins with the initial planning and design for your SharePoint environment and is then tasked with implementing that environment.  Whether you are launching new collaborative strategy, transitioning form a prior SharePoint implementation or whatever your vision for SharePoint use, we offer expert services to support with your implementation and migration needs for the full range of SharePoint products.



Our SharePoint engineers are all experienced trainers.  We offer a range of training levels, all tailored to your exact user needs.  Training can be done on-site or by web-based sessions.  The implementation of new solutions often comes with a transformation in the business so training is a key element in driving adoption and ensuring your users have the skills required to use the new solutions.



Enabling provides 24x7 support options designed for your business; proactively diagnosing, repairing and reporting status back to your business.





Organizations' policy makers:

  • Organize content in a structured, easily findable way
  • Generate a governance model to determine how SharePoint should be used
  • Develop policies to properly secure their content
  • Determine which security measures to employ, according to the policy
  • Educate users on the importance of remaining diligent and consistent
  • Monitor behavior for anomalous signals
  • Respond, re-mediate and communicate

Gartner 2016 ECM Report

By 2018, 50% of enterprises will manage their content using a hybrid content architecture.

By 2018, more than 20% of the enterprise content management solution sales will address multiorganization "ecosystem" content.

By 2018, enterprise file synchronization and sharing will be a standard capability of enterprise content management and collaboration offerings.

By 2018, at least 50% of the leading enterprise content management vendors will rearchitect their offerings into cloud-based platforms.

By 2018, 20% of all business content will be authored by machines. 

By 2019, 70% of all business content will be non-textual, which will require organizations to invest more widely in analytics as part of their content management efforts.

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