Microsoft Exchange Online and Exchange Unified Messaging

IT Administrators are increasingly being tasked with providing access to unified messaging in a secure and familiar manner to optimize productivity and decrease management overhead.  Exchange UM can replace your legacy voicemail system.  

Microsoft Exchange Server and Office 365 add to the powerful Unified Messaging features to provide the following benefits: 

  • Scan voicemail messages as they arrive by reading the corresponding Voicemail Preview to act upon voicemail messages quickly and efficiently without a telephone or speaker.
  • Manage the voicemail and email systems from a single platform. Administrators don’t need to understand and maintain multiple systems, so they have more time for proactive work.
  • End users can now create customized greetings and call transfer options to have more flexibility on where and when incoming calls get routed.
  • Manage Unified Messaging using scriptable commands. Administrators can easily create customizable workflows and optimize their work to save time.
  • Build highly available and reliable Unified Messaging infrastructures to match an organization’s needs.
  • More users can now listen and interact with their email and voicemail in their native language or dialect.
  • The Message Waiting Indicator on the phone can be lit up to announce the arrival of a new voicemail message.
  • Help identify unfamiliar callers and their voicemail messages.
  • Exchange Server Unified Messaging has been created with trustworthy computing goals and offers. 
  • Protected Voicemail to secure confidential and private voice messages.

As a result of these improvements, users can efficiently manage their day using a consistent and familiar experience. IT Administrators have more time to focus on proactive projects to add value to an IT strategy, instead of reactive fires which consume time and resources. At the top level, organizations save capital and operational expenditure by leveraging an Exchange Server platform for voicemail usage.

One important note: If you already use Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 or above the Unified Messaging module is already included. Your organization simply has to integrate it into your telephony infrastructure. We have extensive experience with all types of PBX such as Avaya, Cisco, Mitel, Siemens, Shoretel, etc. etc. This is where Enabling Technologies excels with our telephony integration services.