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Replace your PBX with Skype for Business and get much so much more!

With federation to Skype, state of the art video/audio/web conferencing, customizable scheduling of online meetings through Outlook, accessibility from smartphones, PCs, and browsers, and tight integration to the Microsoft stack, there is a lot to offer end users! Gartner Group’s Magic Quadrant and Enabling’s customers agree, Skype is a leader!  We'll help you choose: On premises, Hybrid or Cloud PBX.


Enabling follows the Best Practices of the Skype Operations Framework

PLAN - Gather information and insights to assess, design and prepare for a Skype for Business Online service. Define expected business value, assess readiness for implementation and undertake remediation activities. Get started today with our Cloud Discovery offer!

DELIVER - Transition from deploying on premises to delivering high quality cloud services, by effectively implementing & delivering Skype for Business Online services while driving adoption. Identify areas for improvement by implementing new features and capabilities as these are released to deliver rapid success and additional value. Maintain a high quality and reliable Skype for Business Online service. Provide monitoring, reporting, run and support services. Get Started Today with our Cloud Voice Extender offer!

OPERATE - Maintain a high quality and reliable Skype for Business Online service. Provide monitoring, reporting, run and support services. Get the most out of what you have today with our Cloud Care offer!


What you get with Skype for Business:

Search and connect: either through the company’s directory with ‘name’ and ‘skill’ options or through the world-wide Skype consumer directory search for the people you would like to connect with


Anywhere, any device: Audio, video and web conferencing is integrated, simplified and widely available at end-‐users devices. With Skype for Business, conversations are convenient, travelling with you from mobile device to meeting room. People can add new ideas, review any part of a conversation, or get to meeting content from wherever they may be.


Presence, location and contact card: Contact cards appear throughout Office apps letting you communicate with anyone -‐-‐ directly from whatever you're working on. You can see who’s online, their location, and if they’re available to start an IM, voice, or video call.


Anyone can join and enjoy*: All Skype for Business account owners can invite anyone to join and experience a Skype for Business meeting. Those who don’t have Skype for Business credentials can participate through the mobile devices, web-app client or the Mac client.


Clients’ Portfolio: Almost all the clients can do search and reach inside and outside (Skype) the company’s directory.

Rich meeting experience - Integrated video, audio and web conferencing capabilities that are simplified into a single user experience and shared platform Skype for Business Meetings enable collaboration and great meetings that are accessible from virtually anywhere. 

Face-to-face without the travel time: collaborate with people down the hole or across the globe. 

Share ideas, content and smiles: Sharing content into the meeting, attaching it before hand, recording the meeting and sharing it after it ends, annotating on existing content or just focusing on people faces are enabled in the rich meeting experience that Skype for Business has to offer. Skype for Business lets people focus on the things they're doing together like sharing an app, co-‐authoring, or presenting 


HD video gallery*: With Skype for Business, video is a more natural part of everyday business and collaboration. There's more “face-‐to-‐face” communication among colleagues, customers, and clients. In meetings, you'll see a video gallery that shows five speakers’ names and video streams at the same time, so you can see each person’s reaction during the meeting (﴾and keep an eye on your own)﴿.  The Mac client has this capability only when using the Web-App. On the mobile client – only the iPad can show a gallery view, the rest of the client can’t.  


Enterprise Calling Features: For the enterprise, we have the essential features for information workers, great capabilities for managing calls in an automated manner, and providing sophisticated call handling functionality.

Integrated calendar, voice mail,  and UM with Exchange; PIN-based IP phone, Attendant console, Call treatment, queuing, routing, and agent support from Response Groups with many supported languages and interaction styles. Enterprise calendar call routing, Delegation and shared line appearance, Call parking and Group pickup with team calling.


The Enterprise Voice is the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) offering in Skype for Business/Lync Server. It delivers a voice option to enhance or replace traditional private branch exchange (PBX) systems. In addition to the complete telephony capabilities of an IP PBX, Enterprise Voice is integrated with rich presence, IM, collaboration, and meetings. Features such as call answer, hold, resume, transfer, forward and divert are supported directly, while personalized speed dialing keys are replaced by Contacts lists, and automatic intercom is replaced with IM. Enterprise Voice supports high availability through call admission control (CAC), branch office survivability, and extended options for data resiliency.


Integrated Networking: Make sure your voice, video, and data traffic is delivered. Prioritize and manage network voice, video, and app sharing with improved policies and call admission control (﴾CAC)﴿.

Office Integration: Because Skype for Business and Office work together, it’s simple to collaborate right from your Office apps. You’ll see the contact card of everyone working in the same app as you so you can quickly send them an IM or email, or start a call. You can also schedule meetings and see IM history in Outlook, and start meetings from apps like Word and PowerPoint to present whatever you’re working on.


Enriches Office Experience: Skype for Business enriches the Office experience by enabling group IM conversations, persistent chat rooms or spontaneous voice/video calling with groups of people. Skype for Business leverages data and knowledge essential to Office, Active Directory, Exchange and SharePoint in order to simplify your operations.


Seamless integration in OneNote, SharePoint and Outlook: Take notes in OneNote while in the meeting. Save the meeting participants list and content into SharePoint and OneNote to keep everyone coordinated. You can schedule meeting directly from Outlook or the Contact-card of a person and attach a Skype for Business meeting to every meeting. Settings of the meeting can be modified only from the Outlook desktop app or the Outlook-Web-App.

Not only is Skype for Business a great Productivity tool but it also includes:Great productivity tool but the ecosystem incudes:

•A Range of Admin Tools
•Extensive  and Rich Documentation
•Access  to a partner network
•Qualification Program for all types of devices and services
•Key Depth Partners that work with PG to jointly develop tools available to all partners and customers
•Rich Telemetry

The 7 Pillars are at the core of all decisions we make around the Security control and Compliance that Skype for Business brings. 



PowerShell provides a single interface for managing all aspects of your Skype for Business deployment.
Additional task-specific management interfaces are provided at every step of the deployment life-cycle, including design, installation, operation and trouble-shooting
Detailed Reports (published schemas and numerous pre-built reports from basic dashboards and CDRs to detailed analytics and trouble-shooting resources)


Skype for Business leverages the same PowerShell management interface as all the other Servers, Office applications and online services
Skype for Business leverages the knowledge inherent in tools like Active Directory, Exchange and SharePoint thereby streamlining the process of rolling out real-time communications across the organization
Skype for Business has plug ins for your existing tools: Skype for Business advisor for System Center, Network Monitor Parser, MOSDAL


Skype for Business uses state-of-the-art High Availability mechanisms to deliver reliable enterprise-class real-time communications
Survivable Branch Appliances (SBAs) protect local users from data-network issues that might otherwise have impacted users’ ability to take and make calls
Skype for Business constantly monitors and records the Quality of Experience of calls and triggers system alerts


Signaling is encrypted with TLS vXX and media uses sRTP with 128AES.  Edge Servers provide topology hiding and encryption key management.
Mobile support with Reverse proxies and 2-Factor Auth for BYOD management
3rd party Audits and Certification: O365 (ISO 27001, Safe Harbor, SSAE16 DOC1 Type II, FISMA)


The enterprise directory service Active Directory is used to enforce all user policies such as feature rights and external communications rules
Compliance archiving in SQL server or Exchange Online


From Skype for Business Server to Skype for Business Online, Hosted Skype for Business and even combinations of these, customers can choose the deployment scenario that best suites their business
Select which office applications will be delivered online or on server – and Skype for Business can reside adjacently to these applications or separately online or on server


Extend the reach of your organization to partners, suppliers and customers with Federation
Connect your organization to the growing Skype Community with Skype for Business-Skype Connectivity
Control how and with whom users can communicate with whitelists  and blacklists

TCO - Save on administration costs by using

a single familiar management interface (PowerShell) for Skype for Business Server and Skype for Business Online as well as other connected applications - flattens the learning curve
Interoperability with underlying system components like Active Directory, Hyper-v and SQL Server (Not to mention Office) – leverages existing investments

Move whole communities of users to Online to reduce operational overheads even further


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