Collaborate. Unify Communications. Transform Your Business.

At Enabling Technologies, we care about ensuring your business outcomes and the complete value you realize from your Unified Communications and Collaboration investments.  

We know that these technologies can not only replace outdated, outmoded, and expensive-to-maintain systems; when used to their fullest, they can in fact truly transform your business.

Every business is becoming more data- and content-driven.   Businesses are empowering people, both employees and customers, to make better decisions and develop productive, engaging interactions.  The intersection between people and data is communications and collaboration.   Now, more than ever before, there are exciting opportunities to leverage communications and collaboration technologies to propel your business forward.   It is essential to develop a vision and solid strategy and roadmap to position these technologies in your organization for maximum results.

Through our UC&C Strategic Envisioning Engagement, Enabling Technologies brings our expertise and experience to your IT Leadership team to facilitate the development of your Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC&C) vision.    We will guide an objective, quantitative and qualitative analysis to deliver recommendations for the implementation, architecture and configuration of a UC&C solution that will maximize business outcomes (value) and enable your desired business transformation.   This engagement can be highly tailored to your organization and its culture and needs. 

The engagement begins with Envisioning, a series of facilitated and FUN sessions that begins an inclusive process to allow you and your key stakeholders to develop an overview of their overall goals and hopes.  It is an ideal way to begin the conversation and develop engagement across the company.   The Envisioning provides an opportunity for stakeholders to express high-level thoughts and questions early in the process, paving the way for the more focused sessions to follow as well as paving the road for successful organizational change management and user adoption later.

Envisioning is followed by Discovery, which focuses on identifying typical use cases in the organization and results in initial findings of areas of focus and opportunity.  The use cases are critical in forming a design for a UC&C environment that will effectively meet the diverse needs within your company, avoiding last-minute surprises and roadblocks to smooth user adoption later.    Information gathered through Discovery highlights key tasks, business processes, and desired business outcomes to be enabled by your UC&C strategy.

Finally, the Design and Roadmap phase prioritizes the use cases and opportunities and results in a roadmap for implementing an effective UC&C solution in your organization.   It addresses areas such as the needs of different users within your organization, use cases across your value chain and high-opportunity business process, Cloud vs. On-premise,  potential risks, and compliance considerations.  The roadmap will highlight ways you can leverage UC&C to transform your business and ensure successful user adoption. 

The Envisioning engagement is a critical first step in organizational change management (OCM), another key element in the successful adoption of UC&C technologies.   Your users must embrace UC&C for it to have an impact on your business.  Ensuring engagement and involvement in fun ways from the earliest stages leads to greater adoption in the end.   Strategic Envisioning addresses the critical questions “Why will we use it” and “What will we use it for”.     As you implement your UC&C Roadmap, Enabling Technologies Organizational Change Management engagement then helps your users learn “How we will use it”.

What is your Vision of Success?    If success for your company starts and ends with a smooth installation of Lync or Office365, then start with Enabling's Planning and Design Service.    If success for you means transforming your business, leveraging Unified Communications and Collaboration technologies to their fullest for better business outcomes, employee engagement, and enhanced revenue opportunities, than Enabling Technologies’ UC&C Strategic Envisioning engagement is the way to begin!