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Customer Reviews
  • Hi Josh,
    Before I leave, I just wanted to drop you a line

    First off, Deb and Jeff have been outstanding to work with.  You have some talented, knowledgeable, professional... over all fantastic folks.  I've told Deb and Jeff a number of times that I will severely miss working with them.

    Deb and Jeff has done an amazing job of trying to reground folks back into reality around here on any number of things.  Especially Deb in all the conference calls.  She's doing more work than she frankly should. 

    I've had the opportunity to work with a number of vendors over the years.  Enabling is #1 on my list of great organizations.  I'm not sure how [my new organization] is setup but be sure I'm taking your contact information with me.  Perhaps there will be opportunities in the future to work together again.  If there's anything I could do to be of any assistance, say a new prospective customer would like some feedback, please feel free to reach out.