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Our Award Winning Adoption and Organizational Change Management service is dedicated to creating minimal effort for technology teams and those experiencing change. Our team has provided hundreds of customers with services and tools proven to drive user engagement, satisfaction, and adoption of change. Our Change Management staff is Prosci Certified, so you can rest assured that our team knows how to apply a research-based change management methodology to improve organizational results.

Successful Change Management Means

Change Management Icons-02

Up to 100% Employee satisfaction with change

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Up to 97% satisfaction
with training

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Up to 95% participation in continuing education

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Up to 97% satisfaction with communications

Our Change Management Focus

Minimal-Effort for Your Team
Minimal-Effort for Your Team
Increased User Engagement & Satisfaction
Increased User Engagement & Satisfaction
Enabling has a plan and process to facilitate successful adoption of complex technology. Their approach is very practical and end-user focused, and helped us plan and communicate better and respond more effectively across the company.
Stinger Ghaffarian Technologies

Neal Guernsey CIO at SGT

Introductory Meeting

Kick Off

  • Introductions to your Adoption Specialist & Project Manager
  • Introductions of your project team, sponsors, & stakeholders
  • Review and alignment on project scope, expectations, and scheduling of initial sessions
Technical Review

Strategize and Plan

  • Identify objectives and success criteria for the business, organization, and stakeholders
  • Understand use-cases and personas present in your environment as they pertain to change
  • Expose change impacts and adoption risk, resistance, and barriers
  • Acknowledge prior success and opportunities with change initiatives with an understanding of organizational culture
  • Develop and align on comprehensive adoption and organizational change management approach
Planning and Design

Build Awareness

  • Aligned with your culture, comprehensive communications and training plans are designed to ease anxiety, inspire adoption, and generate an effortless user experience
  • Marketing campaigns are designed to effectively communicate the change and cut through ‘the noise’ while boosting engagement
  • Sponsors are engaged and leveraged to promote adoption among impacted users

Educate and Train

  • Learning content is developed to support use-case scenarios, governance requirements, industry specific needs, and adult learning needs present in the environment
  • Ensuring content is meaningful and accessible, materials are designed to meet your users where they are
  • Empower your internal teams to become Subject Matter Experts and effectively deliver training workshops with Train the Trainer sessions
  • Supplement your team by providing instructor-led learning workshops (on-site/remote)


  • Develop and deploy user satisfaction surveys and focus groups based on organizational culture
  • Analyze usage metrics, help desk ticket reports, and satisfaction survey results to identify gaps in learning and opportunities for remediation
  • Results based ongoing communications and feedback loops support users by providing remediation, additional learning opportunities, and ongoing tips and tricks
  • Your team can quickly transition to the next priority with this project in maintenance mode

Change Management for Every Change

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Enabling Productivity
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Enabling Collaboration
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