Content Collaboration 

Content Collaboration

 Provide employees with access to their data anytime, anywhere to put innovation on the fast track.

Whether you want to increase cross-departmental communications or consolidate global offices, we can help you turn your SharePoint or Microsoft Teams environment into an engine for collaboration. The digital transformation has made it easy for organizations to create both lots of content and lots of different types of content along with an infinite number of ways to capture that information. Both Microsoft Teams and SharePoint provide the capabilities to create, publish, manage and control a large, dynamic collection of content. Let us help you use them to bring your content and employees together in an organized manner.

Here's a great example of how SharePoint online is used in the real world: 

We reviewed six different offerings from the market, but Microsoft SharePoint was the only one that ticked all the boxes.”

Kimley Horn

Martin Ogden Chief Information Officer at Expro

SharePoint Overview

 In addition to Content Management & Collaboration, SharePoint and Teams provide:

Enterprise Search -Easily Locate Data from Multiple Platforms using SharePoint on filenames, document text/phrases, author info, data, and more.

Personal Document Storage -Easily Locate Data from Multiple Platforms using SharePoint on filenames, document text/phrases, author info, data, and more.

Process Automation & Integration-Automating the sequence of administrative or other process from initiation to completion.

What can you do?

 The Content Collaboration aspect of SharePoint and Teams allows you to:

  • Publish content to intranet, extranet and internet sites
  • Provide a central repository of diverse content, managed in a single location
  • Author content in a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) environment
  • Manage structure and deployment
  • In-browser document editing without the need for client software
  • Ease of sharing both internally and externally
  • Secure and Controlled access to information


 File Security in SharePoint and OneDrive Whitepaper

SharePoint Hybrid White paper - As collaboration moves from on-premises to the cloud, many organizations struggle with moving years of existing infrastructure and data. See how others are doing this. 

If you would like to go "all in" with Cloud consider Microsoft Teams the NEXT generation of Collaboration.


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