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Our Collaboration Process

The IT Team That Your Team Will Love

Your technical team will love us because of our proven process that ensures a predictable and successful outcome.

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Our Focus

Our Focus_Real Time Communications

Real Time Communications

Our Focus_Integration


Our Focus_ROI


Enabling planned, designed, managed, executed and continues to support our entire Skype footprint. We rely on them to offer rock-solid advice before, during and after any project.
Shawn Bristow

Ralph Bellandi CIO at MKTG


Introductory Meeting

  • Your team meets with our engineers and project managers. 
  • Discuss your current communication and collaboration strategy. 
  • We discover how your team works together, What tools do they use daily. 
  • The engineers provide envisioning and gather requirements. 
Process72_Technical Review

Technical Review

  • The engineers demonstrate the capabilities of discussed applications with your team.  They provide examples of ways they are used with other clients and explain what’s possible from a business and workflow perspective to set expectations. 
  • They’ll ask questions to define goals and requirements.
Process72_Planning and Design

Planning and Design

  • Our team provides recommendations based on insights we’ve gathered from your organization. 
  • Options for architecture are discussed and pros/cons of each approach are provided. 
  • We work together on a collaboration plan.  
  • The plan is based upon optimizing and securing collaboration and productivity to meet business objectives.

Project Deployment

  • You’re provided with a dedicated engineer from our team. 
  • They follow our plan. 
  • They track milestones and deadlines based on our deployment details.

Managed Services

  • The solution is verified through a formal testing process by your dedicated engineer.  
  • Training is provided to both administrators and end-users to ensure adoption of new technologies as well as new security policies. 
  • Our support specialist will work with you to ensure on-going satisfaction with any applications or tools implemented.

Customer Collaboration Journey

American Bridge

Company Profile

Industry: Construction

Headquarters: Pittsburgh, PA

Projects: 1,000+

Employees: 400+

Collaboration Tools Implemented

Skype for Business

Polycom phones and endpoints as well as video platforms

Office 365

We had estimated an ROI of 30 months considering the time, effort and expenses of maintaining our previous phone system.
Jack Chamberlain of Viewpoint

Jay Copenhaver Corporate IT Director at American Bridge

American Bridge

A common scenario we see with our clients concerning Digital Transformation is  how to migrate to the Cloud from an Old Legacy PBX and disparate Collaboration tools.

American Bridge had been using a variety of systems for conference calling, screen sharing, and video conferencing, and the management team saw advantages in streamlining.  “We had too many different ways of communicating in the various conferencing rooms,” said Copenhaver.  “Our CEO wanted to see standardized conference phones and video systems in each room.”  But the biggest pain point was telephony.  “Our existing phone system was over 15 years old,” Copenhaver explained.  “The provider was out of business and we could no longer obtain service or parts replacements. We wanted to replace it with a collaborative VoIP solution.”  With Skype for Business, the firm solved both problems at once.

How We Helped

The hard and soft gains from the project are impressive. “We had estimated an ROI of 30 months considering the time, effort and expenses of maintaining our previous phone system,” said Copenhaver. In addition to hard costs from saving on moving PRIs to SIP and using new devices which function better and have less service calls, soft benefits have been realized. “Productivity has certainly increased with the ease of scheduling audio/video conference calls from within Outlook,” said Copenhaver. “Ad-hoc conference calls are effortless, so employees are communicating with each other more readily.”

The Results

American Bridge can see the results. “User reaction was and continues to be very positive,” said Copenhaver. “Our mobile users really like the ability to switch from their workspace device to their Bluetooth device without call interruption,” Copenhaver said. "This is huge for them when having to leave for the airport while still on an important call.”


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