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The Team That Your Technical Team Will Love

If you have that one old piece of equipment or application that is still running on Window 2008 Chris Stegh, Enabling's CTO shares your three options: 

I see Enabling as an extension of our team. It’s hard to put a price tag on that, but it’s like we have a private help desk to engage on any number of issues. Enabling’s not just a vendor, but a talent pool. They’re more like family than a vendor.
National Aquarium in Baltimore

Sam Tawiah CTO at National Aquarium

Introductory Meeting

Introductory Meeting

  • Features and Functionalities
  • Product Fit
  • Organizational Fit (Customer, Enabling, and Microsoft)
Technical Review

Technical Review

  • Discovery of Existing Environment
  • Technical Considerations
  • Roadblocks
  • Deliverable: assessment, planning, and design service for your project. 
Planning and Design

Planning and Design

  • Deep dive with Enabling certified cloud engineer
  • End-user adoption assessment
  • Deliverable: SOW, gap analysis, pre-requisites, and user profile assessment.

Project Deployment

  • Project plan and timeline
  • Same certified cloud engineer and project manager
  • Deliverable outlined in SOW
  • Prepare & train the Users

Managed Services

  • Headsets/handsets, SBC’s, load balances, servers, migration software tools, and contact center software
  • Ongoing training and updates for users

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We Have Answers

"Should we use the cloud to enhance what we already own?"

This really works well for exciting new capabilities of artificial intelligence, speech recognition, global telephony points of presence, new communications platform as a service (CPaaS) capabilities, et al. These can interact with what you already own via APIs and other integrations.

"Should we move just specific portions of our workloads to the cloud?"

This can be applied to functions such as interactive voice response (IVR), texting and SMS interactions with users or customers, contact centers (or multi-media centers), communications-enabled web sites, and similar functions. Also, it is often very economical to move conferencing services to the cloud, especially if most participants are field/mobile/work-from-home employees or external customers, suppliers, contractors or partners.

"Should we move only portions of our user base to a UCaaS or PaaS cloud service?"

This can work well for some of the 7 common types of workers that involve mobile personnel such that the cell phone becomes the primary phone rather than an optional end point for the on-premises PBX. Also, this can work well for Usage Profiles in which the users spend most of their day working with a cloud-based application such as a collaborative workspace tool (Slack, Atlassian, Microsoft Teams, Jive Software, etc.).

"Will the cloud give us immediate access to capabilities and skills that would be very costly, risky, or time-consuming if developed in-house?"

Of course, for all of these questions, you can consider the costs as one factor in the decision process but always keep in mind the value creation such as streamlined business processes and better dashboards and return on investment of the action, as well. Cost reduction may not be the highest priority for organizations with important growth or market transformation strategies.

Celtic Healthcare Journey

They Had Questions, We Had Answers

Rapid growth of their hospice and home healthcare business meant Celtic Healthcare needed to upgrade their systems and find an all-encompassing solution that would enable them to streamline processes, incorporate the most innovative technologies, and scale as they grew.

Step 1 | Exchange Online and Skype for Business

Celtic Healthcare’s digital transformation started with moving their communications to the cloud. This allowed them to reduce the cost of managing internal servers and allowed IT to focus on growth initiatives. We created a fully mobile workforce with Skype for Business and healthcare professionals in the field were able to stay in sync with office staff, allowing them to spend more time with patients in the field.

We found that deploying Skype was not only more cost-effective but was the path of least resistance since users already adopted IM and conferencing. It was easy to turn on all the features of Skype instead of getting piecemeal solutions that didn’t integrate properly.
Shawn Bristow

Jonathan Bost Director of IT

Step 2 | Unification 

As the company expanded into the Midwest and Central states from their original home at the University of Pittsburgh medical center, departments began acting independently of one another, each rolling out different systems, causing compatibility issues and a lack of integration among teams. Leveraging Office 365 applications made it easy to unify all the departments and prevent Shadow IT. 


The Mergers & Acquisitions team had their hands full with audit trails and security, remaining compliant, creating guest accounts, and managing multiple credentials for new employees and vendors. Migrating to Planner, Office 365’s work management solution, helped the M&A team coordinate tasks at a high level and ensure everyone stayed on the same page.


With the addition of OneDrive also included in Office 365, employees can share documents and avoid lockouts, saving them time and effort. Now every healthcare worker has instant access to patient files, due diligence spreadsheets, and other imperative documents, regardless of their location. That means faster processing, improved organization, and overall better service for patients. Celtic Healthcare’s drive to a digital transformation has allowed employees to collaborate in real-time and demonstrate enhanced productivity from the office, at home, or on the road. 


Keeping the entire team up to date on the latest training and compliance requirements is easier, too. Celtic Healthcare’s education and staff development teams use SharePoint and Office 365 Video to quickly distribute content and important announcements to the 1,000 caregivers in the field.

Step 3 | Scaling with Growth

Celtic Healthcare’s quick growth made capacity issues inevitable. Their data storage solution was not only outdated, but in the past, severe weather had impacted their Pennsylvania headquarters enough to cause services to shut down. With patients’ lives at stake, downtime simply wasn’t an option. In the planning and design session, Disaster Recovery, ability to scale and mobile workers were addressed. SharePoint was decided upon to take the bulk of storage off on-premise servers, giving the system greater resiliency, and the ability to rapidly scale upward. Remote workers were able to attend team meetings, staff meetings, and hospice team IDT meetings to review patient cases.

Continuing Our Journey 

Moving to the cloud has opened the door for positive changes at every level of Celtic Healthcare’s business. “Don’t be afraid, the cloud is a good thing!” Bost advises. “It’s easy to use, easy to manage, and offers other added benefits coming with the bundled packages.”  

With Microsoft and Enabling Technologies, Celtic Healthcare is doing more than upgrading their data storage. Smarter, more efficient services are having a profound effect on thousands of patients and their families at some of the most critical stages of their lives. 



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