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We are on the GSA Schedule 70 - GS35F0207X

Enabling Technologies is on the GSA Schedule 70 for all Microsoft Security, Communications and Collaboration Professional services.  Our Schedule number is GS35F0207X.  Capabilities Document

As governments look to leave behind old processes, disparate systems, and paper-based methods, they can move to a digital future for government models and services. The need for improved data security increases as governments transform to drive value from increasing volumes of data and enable citizen engagement models. Leaders are now able to overcome challenges by delivering exceptional government to citizens through digital transformation. 

We’re enabling governments to better serve and protect citizens and build more secure, productive nations by connecting people, systems, and information resulting in more impactful outcomes. The Microsoft approach enables digital transformation of government with an integrated, flexible, and trustworthy approach that offers a choice of public, private and hybrid cloud services with a commitment to trust and compliance.

See how Enabling assisted Capital District Transit Authority (CDTA) with Microsoft Teams in this case study below:

In NY’s Capital, Teams Outdrives a traditional Avaya PBX


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"At CDTA, “the number of internal emails sent since last March has gone down by 40%.”

Rich Fantozzi, IT Director Capital District Transit Authority

Changing the way Government Collaborates

New York’s Capital District Transportation Authority (CDTA) also needed complex analog integrations. “One very big concern was that we have lots of peripherals here at CDTA, like conference rooms with SIP extensions, paging systems in our garages, and faxing,” said IT Director Rich Fantozzi. “If there was a small thing that I thought was going to throw this entire project off it was that it was not being able to integrate those into Teams. Enabling helped us with the right equipment and the right setup.”

ROI is another great reason CDTA chose Enabling and Teams. “Lots of expenses have gone down. Our basic telephony charges were $60,000 a year, but our SIP provider costs are now $20,000 a year. The licensing that we would have spent on a new telephony system was basically even with the E3 to E5 license upgrade.”

Working with Lines of Business Stake holders is another reason our Teams Projects are a success. CDTA’s marketing department “has integrated our customer communication system, so they can stay within Teams and still interact with customers. When someone posts something on Twitter about CDTA, they see it come right into a Teams feed, and they can respond to that because they're in Teams so much. Having all that capability in one place is becoming much more important.”

“We have public meetings to get feedback about major service changes, and we use Teams Live Events,” outlined Fantozzi. “We had four times the usual attendance on the Live Event.” Communications Director said who cited “For us, Live Events is a game changer.”

Teams: Changing the way we work today. At CDTA, “the number of internal emails sent since last March has gone down by 40%.”


Teams Crowned King for Calling at King County

The forward-thinking King County, Washington, used their purchase of G5 licensing and partnership with Enabling Technologies to move to Teams Phone System, county wide.

King County saw opportunity in crisis! With CARES funding and their urgent need to support remote workers, the county decided to migrate its 15,000 users and devices to Teams, in ~9 months!
Working with the Microsoft sales team, Enabling proposed a planning/implementation/migration and adoption team.

Municipalities like King County have many unique use cases: Jails, courtrooms, health clinics, loading docks, road services, transportation depots, even water taxis! This entails a lot of phone calls, analog wiring, robust contact centers, and advanced call routing.

The county knows its business; it shared 1,000-lines of telephony requirements for Enabling and Microsoft to meet. Enabling led the requirements review, system design, migration planning and cutovers, call-flow and response group configurations, e911 setup, QoS settings, Direct Routing/SBC setup, conference room setup, and analog gateway integrations. We’ve also been assisting with onboarding/offboarding automation using King’s existing Peoplesoft and Microsoft Identity Manager.

That speed/scale can only be accomplished by paying special attention to the user experience, through Enabling’s Adoption and Change Management program (ACM).

Enabling’s team developed a scalable Champion Program to accelerate adoption throughout the organization. The Champion Program incorporated guidance and training for Champions in preparation for their support of end users throughout each phase of the deployment. Additionally, the Enabling team provided strategic ACM consulting for the County’s Adoption Sponsor.

Consulting services included:

  • Strategic adoption program planning, identification of success criteria and risk mitigation through communication and training plans
  • Development of end user, sponsor, and champion communications and marketing collateral
  • Q&A support for champions, end users, and trainers
  • Development of learning materials for trainers, end users, and champions

    And as for all those traditional brick-and-mortar requirements? Teams has been able to meet the mark. The list of accomplishments Microsoft, Enabling, and King County achieved includes:
  • 356 Auto Attendants and 620 Response Groups
  • 1300 users have their outbound caller ID masked
  • e911 for 170 Physical Addresses, ~35,000 Wireless APs, 680 Subnets

    The outcome has been a mutually beneficial success.
    - King’s IT Sponsor: “Woohoo, thanks Scott & Carson! We appreciate the strong partnership to getting this effort done!”
    - King’s Project Manager: “It’s been such a pleasure having you on our team. Thank you for all your hard work and helping King County reach our goals!”
    - King’s Adoption Lead: “You have been a fantastic help on this project, especially considering you came in cold. You really hit the ground running! Your insights and willingness to jump in and do whatever was needed to ensure success have been great assets to us. Thank you!”


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