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Managed IT Services Overview

Network Operating Center | Infrastructure Monitoring & Care

We keep tabs on your servers and network activity around the clock, and when a system or function fails, our support teams immediately jump in to investigate. Once the problem is identified, we’ll work to fix it — in many cases before you’ve even realized there’s an issue.  Our data backup and continuity solution ensure your critical information is secure, backed up and accessible whenever you need it – even during a network failure or a disaster – so you’ll never have to worry about data loss again.  

Help Desk

Our US - based Help Desk provides 24x7x365 support, whenever you need it. Our highly-skilled technicians can be contacted via phone, email or web-based chat, and are ready and waiting to help answer any of your technology questions and provide fast, professional support for a variety of software applications. 

Security Operations Center (SOC)

Enabling’s SOC leverages pre-built or custom “profiles” that map to specific attack vectors and protection needs, with real-time alerting when a system or site reaches risk levels that are above MSP-controlled thresholds. Advanced detection and response capabilities identify and isolate any active threats or suspicious activity. Access to a fully staffed SOC facility which provides 24x7 threat detection, mitigation and remediation.

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Integrated Response & Recovery

Analysis to provide the data insights and guidance to identify and resolve security vulnerabilities. Foundational to advanced cyber security production we have the protection you need. Automated identification and processing of threats, monitoring and protection. Leave the analysis to our SOC experts to respond quickly to an incident, mitigating the threat and restoring  environments.


Troubleshooting and crisis management occupied 80% of our support team’s time. Our former partner and many others claimed to know Skype for Business. What led us to Enabling is that Skype is a core capability, and they offer better options for support.
Gardner Webb University

Wayne Johnson Associate VP at Gardner Webb University

Network Operating Center (NOC) Infrastructure Monitoring & Care

On Premise Monitoring and Management

Uncertainty is a business killer. To be successful, companies must plan expenses and know that vital business systems will work as needed. Taking a reactive approach to maintaining your IT networks is simply too costly in too many ways: lost productivity, dissatisfied customers and enormous repair costs. Our managed IT services are the smart, cost-effective alternative.

Our Proactive Approach Improves Your Productivity

The average small business spends 6.4% of its revenue on technology. That may not surprise you, but did you know 80% of the cost comes after the initial purchase? Clearly, acquiring new technology isn’t nearly as expensive as keeping it performing well. Shouldn’t your IT systems be an investment for business growth, rather than a drag on profitability.

With our managed IT services, you receive the benefit of a full team of IT engineers.  We protect the investment you make on IT assets.  For a predictable monthly fee, we monitor your systems 24/7, apply patches, ensure backups, keep viruses at bay, and perform a host of other proactive measures. Little problems don’t become big — and expensive — and in most instances, you won’t even know there was ever an issue.

Server Monitoring and Care

We utilize software agents to track and analyze your network activity 24/7. When a system or function fails, an alert is generated for our team to immediately investigate. Once the problem is identified, we work to remedy it — remotely at first, and with additional resources.

Security Operations Center (SOC)

Enabling Technologies advanced cyber security solution delivers protection to our clients needs to protect IT Assets.  Understand environmental risks, benefit from automated threat detection and rely on our integrated response and recovery capability. No matter what you need, we have the right protection to meet your security strategy.

Enabling security protects your entire organization with a turnkey and fully managed set of solutions. Reduce false positives and ensure comprehensive protection through SOC analysis of quarantined applications and files.


Features that are pre-built and customizable profiles that identify specific gaps in protection on client devices, helping identify potential vulnerabilities and take corrective action where needed.
Antivirus software is not installed or not up to date — This requirement is satisfied when an antivirus software package that is supported by Continuum is installed and up to date with the latest definitions.
DNS protection is not configured
User not configured for password complexity — Validates that password complexity rules have been applied to user accounts.

Endpoint Security

Provides fully SOC-supported endpoint monitoring and threat detection to identify active threats and remediate attacks. Endpoint Security builds on foundational security to rapidly identify and halt even the most sophisticated attacks, minimizing harm and reducing risk to client endpoints. AV/Malware Detection Rapidly identify thousands of variants of viruses and malware. Immediate Rollback Quickly respond to detected ransomware variants by leveraging journaling to roll back to an acceptable risk state.Full Rollback Capabilities In the case of any over written systems, you can leverage robust rollback functions through comprehensive tracking of changes at the endpoint.Endpoint Attack Forensics Identify the root causes of malicious behaviors by quickly diagnosing source processes and applications. Ransomware Warranty SentinelOne will pay up to $1,000 per infected machine towards the cost of paying the ransom if they don’t defend against or can’t rollback and restore data after a ransomware attack (up to $1M) has occurred on a covered machine

Network Security

Leverages industry-leading SIEM technology to collect, analyze and correlate information from network devices, endpoint logs and threat intelligence feeds. This information is used to identify security incidents, policy violations, fraudulent activity, and other threats— and when such activities are identified, the SOC quickly takes action to mitigate the attack while providing advanced remediation documentation and recommended next steps.
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    • Endpoint Log Monitoring Monitor key log files to identify and correlate events that could be malicious, while providing additional security and adherence to common regulatory requirements.
    • Behavioral Analysis Quickly detect and address changes in systems and user behaviors with real-time processing and advanced correlation rules for intrusions & insider threats.
    • Threat Intelligence Integration Enable a quick and accurate detection of threats on a network by integrating with valuable threat data feeds from ecosystem partners and open source providers.
    • Meet Common Regulatory Requirements Adheres to log management and threat analysis requirements for 23 regulatory standards.
    • SOC Analysis and Basic Response With analysis of events and basic remediation actions by the Continuum SOC, you can adhere to compliance regulations without needing additional security-focused resources.


How It Works

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Identify Configurations
to Prevent Threats

Persistent Threat Monitoring & Prevention

Compliance Support
(e.g. HIPAA)

Why Choose Enabling Technologies?

Our Managed IT Services

  • 24x7x365 monitoring of your network and systems – including servers, desktops and mobile devices
  • Troubleshooting and remediation for any processes or services that fail
  • Patch deployment, Service Pack installation and anti-virus support
  • Verification and management of data backups
  • Microsoft Windows, Exchange, Windows, SQL, Citrix

The Value of Managed IT Services

  • Better Financial Planning – With managed IT services, you know how much you’re going to spend each month. No more gambling with your budget and productivity.
  • Our Team Is Your Team 24/7 – When an issue arises, we’re already on the job — taking care of routine maintenance and ensuring your IT systems are operating properly.
  • Your Systems Stay Optimized – Even when systems aren’t actually down, they can still run slow, or inefficiently. Our solution maximizes the value of your IT investment all the time.
  • Faster Problem Resolution – With remote monitoring in place, we’ll usually see a problem before you do, allowing us to get a jump on the matter with less (or zero!) downtime for you.

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