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Enabling Technologies' success over the past 25 years comes because we focus on our customer’s success. Ensuring a successful outcome means explaining the reality, not the hype, of available technologies, so that customers make effective decisions. Check out the spin-free resources below and contact us for any questions.

Celtic Healthcare Enables Rapid Growth with Office 365

Celtic Healthcare initially leveraged Office 365 to prepare for rapid growth of their hospice and home healthcare business. “Once we moved email, we’ve loved that Microsoft keeps providing new features for us,” said Director of IT Jonathan Bost. “We use the video portal, Planner, Groups and now Teams. We wouldn’t use these tools if we had to deploy on-premises.” 

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In the recent webinar recording below, our VP of Technical Services Josh Shoemaker talks about best practice on how to move to the Cloud as well as Security considerations:


"With Azure Active Directory, Royal Dutch Shell provides fast, highly secure access to external vendors, cutting onboarding time from months to less than a week. “With SaaS solutions, you gain speed-of-change. Moving to the cloud is the overall Shell strategy to obtain a much more agile, fast-moving environment than we could with an on-premises space.”
Royal Dutch Shell

Johan Krebbers IT Chief Technology Officer at Royal Dutch Shell

Compare with Google

Considering G Suite by Google? Here are a few
reasons why IT leaders prefer Microsoft Office 365


Less Complexity

A simple and unified management experience that spans the complex environments of users, devices, apps, and services.

Reduced silos of IT controls

Fewer independent escalation resources to navigate

Fewer vendors to oversee

G Suite can require multiple third-party integrations to meet your needs, creating
more surface area and complexity for you to manage.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Minimize TCO across deployment, management, and servicing

Lower administration fees with fewer third-party apps

Reduce help desk costs with enterprise-ready devices with a self-service experience

Fewer integrations to pay for 

Fewer training costs due to familiarity of apps

G Suite’s dependence on third-party apps and less familiar software can mean a higher TCO for your organization

Greater Flexibility

Realize the full benefits of Microsoft Office 365 regardless of where you stand on your digital transformation journey Move to the cloud at your own pace.  

G Suite requires cloud-only deployments.

Realize business value faster with FastTrack

Fewer third-party integrations required to meet your needs

G Suite offers no equivalent to FastTrack which provides a set of tools, resources, and experts committed to making your experience excellent

Onboard seamlessly and drive adoption

G Suite does not provide dedicated customer support managers to assist in launching and driving adoption within your organization

More Control

Your data belongs to you and you should be in full control over it

More control over where your data resides

G Suite offers only limited data location options (EU + US) and no sovereign data centers

More controls over who accesses your data

G Suite lacks capabilities such as Customer Lockbox and Customer Encryption Keys

More control to keep your devices up-to-date

G Suite limits the controls for IT administrators to ensure Chromebook devices are always updated

Gartner's Magic Quadrant

Content Collaboration Platforms 

Office 365 2018 Gartner Quadrant

Microsoft's CCP offering is OneDrive for Business, an integral part of Microsoft Office 365. OneDrive is tightly integrated with Office 365 workloads, such as those of SharePoint and Teams, and is a central piece in Microsoft's cloud office suite. It enables "anywhere access" to any files, and consistent productivity and collaboration experiences for its users. More importantly, OneDrive for Business is now the default location for the save mechanism in the latest Office applications — driving a lot of potential usage. OneDrive is also available as a stand-alone product, either as a cloud service or on-premises.

OneDrive includes a sync client for any file format, enabling unified file-centric experiences on desktops, browsers and mobile devices. It also provides a viewer for 320 file types, and video streaming. Through the Microsoft Graph API, custom applications can retrieve and access content stored in OneDrive and Office 365. Microsoft Flow enables simple approval, feedback and other document workflows.

Microsoft runs a global support operation and cloud data centers, and offers extensive security features in Office 365, OneDrive and Azure. Global data centers enable regional data residency and compliance with privacy regulations, including GDPR. Also, Microsoft offers content migration to Office 365 through FastTrack services, together with qualified partners, as part of the regular subscription. OneDrive can be deployed as part of the Office 365 suite or in a hybrid capacity, together with SharePoint 2016. It can also be deployed on-premises in SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2016 and upcoming SharePoint 2019 deployments. Organizations often adopt OneDrive as part of an Office 365 initiative.

The rapid adoption of Office 365 fuels interest in OneDrive across small, midsize and large organizations. Buyers want to use all the cloud services and storage available in the deployed office suite.

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