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Windows Virtual Desktop is a cloud service that provides simple and scalable Virtual Desktop Infrastructure. It’s an elastic, on-demand, and automated way to provide users with secure access to specific business applications or to entire Windows 10 desktops, from any device. 

Windows Virtual Desktop became very popular when organizations began working from homeBecause there is no hardware or complicated configurations, it’s a quick way to get people online from various work and home computers. Day to day, Windows Virtual Desktop provides a consistent, reliable user experience from a fleet of devices that often rarely connect to the intranet.  

Problems Solved by Windows Virtual Desktop 

Windows Virtual Desktop solves several problems for organizations of all sizes, especially those wishing to standardize and simplify their end-user computing service. Managing remote work provides the following challenges and requirements for IT staffs.  

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Securing remote access on employee owned devices

Reducing VPN & bandwidth constraints

Providing familiar user experience

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Protecting against data leakage

Simplifying infrastructure

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We had taken a look at traditional VDI technologies built on hardware that we would host, but we were motivated to move quickly, and the procurement operations of getting that gear onsite and built out was not a reality. Going to the Azure environment for VDI was the right fit for us.

The University of Texas Permian Basin

Why Utilize Windows Virtual Desktop?

Organizations such as the University of Texas Permian Basin have leveraged Windows Virtual Desktop to simplify its remote and hybrid device fleet. After looking at other solutions, UPTB elected WVD and have found it conducive to their needs. The results are outlined by Brad Shook and Ken Bridges, IT leaders at UTPB.

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Business And Technical Advantages

Business Value of Windows Virtual Desktop

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Windows Virtual Desktop provides much value from a business perspective including but not limited to:

  • Immediate onboarding
  • Simpler to manage than complicated VDI infrastructure on-premises 
  • Scaling up and down is automated and helps manage expense  
  • Better user experience and performance due to no reliance on the VPN
  • Tight integration with Office 365 services 

Technical Value of Windows Virtual Desktop

Windows Virtual Desktop has many technical advantages, including: 

  • No need to build out a burdensome VDI infrastructure 
  • Able to turn on/off and scale as needed 
  • Provides a secure and controlled computing environment  
  • Giving users a familiar experience 
  • Reduces reliance on on-prem data center and VPN 

Costs involved with Windows Virtual Desktop 

There are some predictable and variable costs associated with Windows Virtual Desktop, mainly: 

  • Virtual machinesthat host the OS and/or apps that you present to your users 
  • Storage used for files/profiles 
  • Eligible Windows or Microsoft 365 license, to access Windows 10 Enterprise desktops and apps at no additional cost 
  • Network Egress – ingress is free (except for availability zones) but network egress to your endpoints have a per GB fee 

Technical Considerations of Windows Virtual Desktop 

Some of the decisions and configurations involved include: 

  1. Connectivity and integration to on-premises Active Directory 
  2. VPN for end-user access 
  3. VM sizing and performance  
  4. Backup for files stored in Azure 
  5. Cost and security controls 
  6. Migration impacts on users and communicating the change 
  7. Performance evaluation

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