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Users can securely access their work data, without having to enroll their devices.

What I want to do with Azure, Office 365, and InTune is to enable decision makers to make their decisions quickly, with the right information in their pockets.
Aston Martin

Simon Callow Head of IT at Aston Martin

Preventing Data Loss

Preventing data loss on user devices doesn’t have to mean locking down the device or crippling productivity by enforcing VPNs.

Users will balk at working from their BYO device if the organization requires them to enroll that device. Since hackers are shifting their focus from servers to devices and users, organizations must account for these attack vectors.

Percent of Breaches Per Asset Category

Percent of Breaches Per Asset Category-1

The “user devices” line is on the rise due to devices being infected with malware, and the “person” line is from users being victimized by phishing attacks.

Typical Mobile Device Management (MDM) systems have two main shortcomings which are resolved by Mobile Application Management (MAM) solutions. First, there are too many users (contractors, field workers, techs, BYOD users) for which device enrollment isn’t feasible. Mobile Application Management (MAM) enables control without enrolling devices. Also, Mobile Device Management ( MDM) lacks the granular control that enables governance at the app-level.

Mobile Application Management (MAM) solutions can address both issues and more, by providing granular, application level security. Applications can be secured without enforcing enrollment. Mobile Application Management (MAM) solutions can properly manage devices that are more loosely controlled, such as partners and agents.

Managed Apps with Mobile Application Management (MAM) 100% Mobile Users 

Managed Apps with MAM-1

Mobile Application Management (MAM) allows a business to:

  • Deliver and manage apps across a broad range of devices, including iOS, Android, Windows and Windows Phone all from a single management console
  • Simplify administration by deploying required apps automatically during enrollment and allowing users to easily install corporate apps from the self-service Company Portal
  • Help maximize productivity with the Office mobile apps your employees know and love while preventing the leakage of company data by restricting actions such as copy/cut/paste/save in your managed app ecosystem, and extend these capabilities to existing line-of-business apps
  • Deploy certificates, WiFi, VPN, and email profiles automatically once a device is enrolled, enabling users to seamlessly access corporate resources with the appropriate security configurations
  • Provide comprehensive settings management for mobile devices, including remote actions such as passcode reset, device lock, and data encryption
  • Remove corporate data and applications when a device is unenrolled, noncompliant, lost, stolen, or retired from use
  • Extend System Center Configuration Manager infrastructure through integration with Microsoft Intune to provide a consistent management experience across devices located on-premises and in the cloud

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