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Accelerate Your Mission with Secure & Reliable Microsoft Solutions

Enable your organization to digitally transform, accelerate its mission, and drive greater impact. Get started today with Microsoft cloud solutions. Scott Vickland, former CIO at ACDI VOCA explains how he took his NPO to the Cloud with Microsoft Solutions and Enabling Technologies. 


“We have been operating with Enabling as a support arm and call when needed, which is very comforting. I see Enabling as an extension of our team.  It’s hard to put a price tag on that, but it’s like we have a private help desk to engage on any number of issues.  Enabling’s not just a partner, but a talent pool, and is more like a family than a partner.”  

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Supporting the Non-Profit Sector

Enabling Technologies is proud to be aligned with  Microsoft Tech for Social Impact initiatives and working along side the team!  We are committed to providing technical expertise in an economical way to achieve the best outcomes with whatever resources are available.  Utilizing the Microsoft Solution stack we are able to provide streamlined technology to address your missions:

  • Engage your constituents to strengthen support and participation
  • Empower employees to be more productive and creative
  • Optimize operations from field to office
  • Innovate for impact to accelerate your mission

Provide your donors and grant-makers with transparent, accurate, and timely impact reporting to increase support and improve relationships. Anticipate and react quickly to donor needs with built-in intelligence capabilities and personalized experiences.  

By improving the speed, quality, and transparency of communications between your donors, volunteers and employees, you can increase the impact of your programs. Stay connected to the people who help make your programs possible with connected insights and coordinated communications. 


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As a Non Profit, Microsoft has many workshops and offers that may be no cost to your organization.

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Non-Profit Success Story

A global humanitarian organization for children was in the process of making the journey to a new telephony platform, but was concerned they didn't have enough of an understanding of user needs and requirements to successful choose a tool that met user needs.

Enabling facilitated end user workshops to identify gaps in current communication, collaboration, and business processes. The gaps were analyzed to provide a strategic plan forward for both Office 365 and the new telephony solution.

Enabling was able to identify more than 15 shadow solutions being used by their employees, more than 4 scenarios where end users were projecting significant security risks for the organization, 8 scenarios where the customer could resolve end user complaints/issues/concerns with no additional investment in software/tools, and an overarching plan that could significantly reduce expenses and directly impact the bottom line.


2020 has been a very challenging year!  At Enabling we would like to provide you with some resources to help!

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The Morning Bridge is an event dedicated to updating the non-profit CIO community on the latest Microsoft developments and help you find answers to question you might have about Microsoft’s constantly evolving technical platform, licensing, authentication, Teams, and cloud migration to Azure. the next Scheduled Morning Bridge is December 10th: 11am - 2pm Eastern.


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