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Personal Doc Storage

 Access Data Anytime, Any Device with OneDrive for Business.

OneDrive for Business is Microsoft’s solution to provide personal online storage for business purposes. OneDrive is managed by the organization and lets users share files and co-author documents with co-workers. Residing on a SharePoint back-end, it brings the same document management and sharing features, but allows the individual users to control the information. 

"We can now get rid of a lot of expensive SAN storage and improve our employees’ experience at the same time. They typically had 150 megabytes of storage before and with OneDrive they get 1 terabyte. We also know that the content stays in our environment, which keeps our data more secure.”
Air Canada

Allen Chang Manager of IT Innovation and Technology at Air Canada

SharePoint Overview

In Addition to Personal Document Storage, SharePoint allows you to:

Content Management & Collaboration -Provide employees with access to their data anytime, anywhere puts innovation on the fast track to extend your market.

Enterprise Search -Easily Locate Data from Multiple Platforms using SharePoint on filenames, document text/phrases, author info, data, and more.

Process Automation & Integration-Automating the sequence of administrative or other process from initiation to completion.

What can you do?

Users can also sync their data to their PC or mobile device, allowing them to access their data at anytime from any location; providing a vast improvement of traditional file shares.

Security controls can be applied by administrators to prevent data loss. Users can share with their colleagues, or externally, with time-boxed access granted only to specific parties. Administrators can be aware of who’s sharing what files. With far more security and all the convenience of consumer-grade cloud sharing services, OneDrive for Business provides the ideal enterprise file sharing service.

But moving from file shares or personal drives to OneDrive for Business isn’t trivial. File types, sizes, and transfer rates influence the speed and efficacy of a migration. Security and data loss prevention should be employed and compliance and constraints explained to the users from the start. In addition to security awareness, users need training about the right and wrong way to share and sync files. Enabling Technologies can assist in planning, design, implementing, and migrating data, and in driving user adoption and compliance.

File Security in SharePoint and OneDrive Whitepaper

SharePoint Hybrid White paper - As collaboration moves from on-premises to the cloud, many organizations struggle with moving years of existing infrastructure and data. See how others are doing this. 

If you would like to go "all in" with Cloud consider Microsoft Teams the NEXT generation of Collaboration.


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SharePoint & Teams Assessment

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