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Automated Threat Protection



Through Advanced Threat Protection or ATP.



In Office 365 Cloud App Security.



And auto-repair hidden issues with Flow rules.



Through Azure Active Directory.

“In early 2018, I noted a much more realistic quality of phishing emails. The login pages that came after the click was also very realistic. If a user didn’t happen to notice the odd URL, there’d be no way they could resist logging in. We quickly made the decision to use PhishHunter to automatically disable compromised accounts.”
Volusia County Schools

Alex Kennedy Director of Infrastructure & Technical Services at Volusia County Schools

The Details

Why Was Microsoft PhishHunter for M365 Built?

Tactics and techniques used to manipulate or take advantage of victims include phishing (92%), pretexting (4%), and bribery/solicitation (3%). Stats like these and increased demand on internal IT personnel caused us to build a solution to help automate threat protection.


PhishHunter's Integration with Microsoft

Microsoft PhishHunter for M365 makes your life easier by using Microsoft's Cloud App Security and other Microsoft applications like Power BI, Azure, and Flow to bring awareness of high priority phishing scams as well as breaches.


PhishHunter's Data Architecture

When it comes to preventing a breach, data is king. Microsoft PhishHunter for M365 takes aim at criteria that is specified by an Admin. Some areas to keep in mind are IP address, proxy, location, timing, etc.


Video: PhishHunter Explained


Energizing Collaboration with Microsoft Teams

We spend quite a bit of time-sharing knowledge, experiences, testimonials, best practices and lessons learned through our blogs, but today we’d like to share a different narrative… Our own.

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New conditional access methods to ensure MFA/SSPR registration is by your users Big News for Registering for MFA and SSPR! 

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