Change Management 

Increased User Productivity

Start the Change Management initiative before the Migration is done

Many change management programs fail before they even start due to a lack of strategic discovery and planning. Ensure you’ve built the right team to manage the pending change with users and create a winning blueprint well in advance of starting the migration. Make sure you are communicating with users well in advance of training sessions – and the rollout – to build excitement with new solutions.

You’ve rolled out the new technology but users aren’t fully using the feature set. Sound familiar? Our experience in over 1,700 deployments shows that if you deliver messaging to your users with the WIIFM (What’s in it for me?) spin it will greatly improve end user adoption.

Use a “What’s in it for me?”, or WIIFM approach

Which sounds better to you?

“By using you’re our new Microsoft Teams we will save the company money in travel!” - OR – “With Microsoft Teams video you’ll enjoy face to face meetings without the hassle of airport security lines or late night flights!”

Both statements are intended to drive use of video - but the “WIIFM” message is highlights a direct benefit for users, which leads to more personal interest in using the new solution. All communications, collateral, and training in your Change Management approach should have a WIIFM context.

"Enabling’s change management process was invaluable to the successful Office 365 and Skype for Business deployments.  Enabling was instrumental in coordinating communications and training and leading the training classes, both online and on-site, which resulted in not only a high percentage of the staff attending the training but also the staff were completely prepared on Day 1 when we went live with both new platforms. "

Greg Alvarez, Sr Director of IT Ops  Major Sport Association

Skype to Teams Example

Many of our clients are starting the move from  Skype for Business to Teams upgrade planning today.  We currently have a  Workload Assessment and IT Requirements Workshop designed for this migration. 

Microsoft Teams gives your organization access to information, conversations, meetings and collaboration tools for the modern workplace.  Create an optimal communications experience with Microsoft Teams, part of the Office 365 platform that leverages the new modern communications back-end.

We partner with your business decision makers to evaluate how your corporate culture collaborates and communicates

•Identify and document scenarios and map to personas

•Prioritize business needs

•Develop an understanding of how existing calling and meeting technologies are used and managed

•Discuss opportunities of improvement in the current state to meet changing needs and expectations

•Technical evaluation to determine roadmap blockers and mitigation to deploy Microsoft Teams for meetings and calling

With your documented deployment roadmap you will receive: 

•Current state review

•User and workload service mapping

•Findings and recommendations

•Overall deployment roadmap

•Next steps and actions 

The deployment roadmap will ensure your move to Teams is a great success!  You've got one chance to get it right the first time!

Microsoft Teams Use Case

At Bright Horizons, 32,000 employees share the mission to focus on one family at a time. To support customers at over 1,000 childcare centers worldwide, there’s a need for velocity.

“It was critical to get Teams right because we thought with the right adoption, we could actually change the way people work.” said Ellen Cameron, Director.  

All the up-front effort is paying off with user satisfaction and business results. “Teams is really helpful on projects with stakeholders across the organization,” said Namvar. “It’s more efficient to have channels to organize conversations than a lot of emails. When we’re reviewing and making lots of changes on a file, not having to manage the replies and edits is helpful.”

“Our communications team is jumping on this,” said Cameron, “because they work a lot on documents and communications. Purchasing and other departments will collaborate with external vendors.”

Read the Full Case Study



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Teams Change Management assessment

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