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What to Choose?  SharePoint, OneDrive or Teams? 

SharePoint Online is a collection of web-based tools and technologies to share and manage digital information. It’s ideal for working on project teams, storing data and documents, creating workflows, and sharing information with others. SharePoint is also included in Microsoft Teams as the backend of the "files." At Enabling, we draw from our technical and business workflow expertise to offer complete services that optimize your SharePoint or Teams experience.

With all the new functionality that SharePoint and now Teams offer, we help you determine the right path and help you build a cohesive plan to get the most out of it. Enabling Technologies is the leader in secure Unified Communications and Collaboration. Our SharePoint engineers have worked on some of the first, the largest, and the most complicated SharePoint environments nationwide. We deal with management (governance included), development, administration, support and best practices across the entire SharePoint suite.

"We reviewed six different offerings from the market, but Microsoft SharePoint was the only one that ticked all the boxes.”


Martin Ogden Chief Information Officer at Expro

SharePoint Overview

Content Management & Collaboration -Provide employees with access to their data anytime, anywhere puts innovation on the fast track to extend your market.

Enterprise Search -Easily Locate Data from Multiple Platforms using SharePoint on filenames, document text/phrases, author info, data, and more.

Personal Document Storage -Easily Locate Data from Multiple Platforms using SharePoint on filenames, document text/phrases, author info, data, and more.

Process Automation & Integration-Automating the sequence of administrative or other process from initiation to completion.

SharePoint Magic Quadrant

 Content services platform Gartner 2

According to Gartner:  SharePoint reflects a continuum of services across the entire content life cycle, encompassing individual productivity, team collaboration, content management, process automation and workflow. It is enabled by a unified cloud-based platform that includes AI capabilities for content insight and process automation.

SharePoint has been improved to support increased single file sizes, larger storage volumes, optimized indexing and a better user experience with large file sets.

Reference customers scored SharePoint highly for its document handling functionality, metadata options and search, citing these as key features in developing corporate intranets.

If you would like to go "all in" with Cloud consider Microsoft Teams the NEXT generation of Collaboration.


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