Change Management 

Increased User Adoption

Start the Change Management initiative before the Migration is done

Many change management programs fail before they even start due to a lack of strategic discovery and planning. Ensure you’ve built the right team to manage the pending change with users and create a winning blueprint well in advance of starting the migration. Make sure you are communicating with users well in advance of training sessions – and the rollout – to build excitement with new solutions.

You’ve rolled out the new technology but users aren’t fully using the feature set. Sound familiar? Our experience in over 1,700 deployments shows that if you deliver messaging to your users with the WIIFM (What’s in it for me?) spin it will greatly improve end user adoption.

Use a “What’s in it for me?”, or WIIFM approach

Which sounds better to you?

“By using you’re our new Office 365 we will save the company lots of money!” - OR – “With Office 365 you can work from anywhere - even Starbucks!"

Both statements are intended to drive use of your new Cloud technology - but the “WIIFM” message is highlights a direct benefit for users, which leads to more personal interest in using the new solution. All communications, collateral, and training in your Change Management approach should have a WIIFM context.

"Enabling’s change management process was invaluable to the successful Office 365 and Skype for Business deployments.  Enabling was instrumental in coordinating communications and training and leading the training classes, both online and on-site, which resulted in not only a high percentage of the staff attending the training but also the staff were completely prepared on Day 1 when we went live with both new platforms. "

Greg Alvarez, Sr Director of IT Ops  Major Sport Association

OneDrive Adoption in a Box Example

Many of our clients are starting the move from legacy PBXs and on premise servers to the Cloud.  The Cloud has many benefits but you have to let your users know what they are! 

Here is one example of how we can help you with Cloud adoption: 

OneDrive for Business – Adoption in a Box

Enabling provides a guided approach to maximizing OneDrive for Business 
Adoption. This scalable and focused program provides:

  • Executive Sponsor and Champion Collateral
  • Prioritized Scenarios and Measurements for Success
  • User Communications Campaigns and Events
  • User Training and Help desk Readiness

Be Intentional – Drive Adoption of OneDrive for Business

What’s in it for you?

  • Minimize IT operational costs, streamline IT solutions and operations
  • Improve the user experience
  • Enhance productivity and optimize workflows
  • Safeguard against security risk

What’s in it for your users?

  • Migrate files to the Cloud without compromising security and compliance
  • Save work files to OneDrive for Business so they’re always accessible
  • Work together with virtually anyone, any time

This is just one example we have many separate technology Adoption in a Box campaigns all ready for you to tweak for your organization.  

Lights, Camera, Adoption Use Case

Our client was faced with the challenge of finding a resource, with the time and availability, as well as a proven track record of delivering positive user experiences and high adoption. Lackluster user engagement was not an option with the volume of change taking place. 

See how they achieved less than 10 calls to Support on the day of the cut over! 

Play'n Go gets more productive with M365 and Surfaces

International gaming company Play’n GO grew substantially over the last five years and needed a way to give all its employees a highly secure and productive workplace without investing in numerous costly onsite servers. The company deployed Microsoft 365, a comprehensive solution that includes Windows 10 Enterprise, Office 365, and Enterprise Mobility + Security. Standardizing on Microsoft Surface devices, the company has seen quick adoption of its new solution, resulting in improved productivity and communication among employees located around the world.

For the Full Case Study


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Change Management assessment

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