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Aug 18

Ransomware Community Call  AUG 18 |  2 PM 

In this community call for security and IT pros on 8/18, Enabling welcomes back Corey Lee, a zero-trust and human-operated ransomware specialist from Microsoft.

You will learn:
• Why new threats require more active detection and response
• Techniques to protect key servers/services across the kill chain
• Monitoring and hunting for Indicators of Compromise
• How tabletop exercises can help quickly identify your biggest vulnerabilities
Best practices for using tools like Azure Sentinel, Defender for Endpoint, and Microsoft Cloud App Security will be shared.

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Aug 19

Improving the Employee Experience

COVID has affected industries in different ways.  In terms of home projects, business is booming.  Case in point, our client, Window Nation.  They are rapidly expanding and found the New Employee Onboarding Tool invaluable to providing a streamlined and comprehensive way to onboard as many as 17 employees a day! 

In this webinar, we will discuss the NEO tool as well as the four modules of Viva and how these can help keep your employees more satisfied and productive. 

The event will demonstrate how Microsoft Viva and the NEO tool will work together to: 

  • simplify your new employee's first weeks
  • improve their productivity with learning paths
  • automate repetitive workflows 
  • protect your intellectual property  


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Tools and Resources

Starting Up Windows 365

Cue the Rolling Stones... a new Windows is coming! No theme song could be as catchy as Keith Richards' Windows 95 riff, but Windows 365, the "Cloud PC," is likely to catch on for certain...

Preparing for Human-Operated Ransomware

Ransomware is now a (White) household name. How serious has it gotten?

Role Based Access for Teams – Use Least Privilege to Strengthen User Support!

Here at Enabling, we’re working every day with customers of all shapes and sizes as they adopt Teams for collaboration and, in many cases, voice as well. With our voice customers, we often advise how...