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Jan 18

Zero Trust Trilogy | 1.18 - Protect

Get your 2022 off to a fast and secure start! Register now for a trilogy of security events brought to you by Enabling Technologies and Microsoft. In this three-part series, you will learn to use the latest Microsoft 365 and Azure security tools to best protect, detect, and respond to security incidents in your hybrid environment. You’ll learn about the required licensing, planning steps, deployment techniques, and operational best practices to better secure your identities, end points, cloud apps, data, and infrastructure.


Session 1 will focus on protection. Key concepts covered will be avoiding ransomware and identity compromise, as well as using Intune to manage your modern hybrid workforce. Intune is often a key enabler for other protection capabilities that we’ll cover, including surface area reduction on your Windows 10/11, blocking zero-day macro-based attacks, and ensuring vulnerabilities in third-party apps patched. You’ll get insight from a CIO who has managed a fleet of endpoints that are no longer connected to the LAN & GPOs.

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Jan 25

Zero Trust Trilogy | 1.25 Detect

Session 2 will dive into detection capabilities. The key is to provide security operators with early warning before catastrophic ransomware or data exfiltration attacks occur. The focus will be on Defender for Endpoint, Defender for Identity, and Microsoft’s CASB, Defender for Cloud Apps. These tools will be shown through the lens of a SecOps engineer, who needs to process a manageable number of incidents, rather than reviewing every event or log entry. A SecOps professional will also preview Sentinel as the SIEM for MSFT and 3rd party systems.

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Tools and Resources

Deciding Between Direct Routing, Calling Plans, and Operator Connect

Intro: Microsoft offers multiple ways to connect Teams to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) to make in and outbound calls.

Making a 911 Test Call

Introduction  There is one aspect of Microsoft Teams Dynamic 911 testing that is usually overlooked, making a successful 911 call. What constitutes a successful call? 

Microsoft to drop support for some Teams Direct Routing Fully Qualified Domain Names

Introduction  On December 21, 2021, Microsoft published MC307310 to the Office 365 Message Center  The notice includes these additional changes to Teams Direct Routing that go into effect on March 1,...