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Nov 10

Azure Sentinel Webinar  NOV 10 |  2 PM 

You will learn:

  • What makes Azure Sentinel the first Security Information and Event Management of its kind
  • How Sentinel’s architecture monitors Azure and Office 365 events at no charge and ingests data from on-premises equipment 
  • What routers, firewalls, and on-premises equipment can be managed
  • How to set up an initial trial and start to ingest data
  • Ways to manage alerts and automate responses to incidents
  • Predicting monthly costs


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Nov 16

Teams Interactive Series starting | NOV 16 | 2PM

Please join us for the Teams Interactive SeriesThis 3 part series will be compiling all of the feedback received from our customers and all of our Teams related events we hosted in 2021. We are going to be providing solutions to your most pressing challenges. The series takes a hyper-focus on Microsoft Teams SecurityVoice, and Employee Experience.

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Tools and Resources

Fed Requires e911 Changes by January 6th

By January 6th, 2022, organizations using Teams Phone System must make changes to comply with RAY BAUM’s Act. The law requires the org to accurately provide the physical address of their employees...

Mass Migrations to Teams Phone System

Introduction When it comes to migrating to Teams Phone System, there are a number of different approaches. Some are slow and steady, some are by site or location (if there are multiple locations in...

Windows 365 Deployment – Administrative Lifecycle and End User Experience

With your Cloud PCs provisioned and deployed to your users you can now kick your feet back and enjoy the simplistic cloud deployment, right?  Unfortunately, not quite.  While it is true that Windows...