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Process Automation

Automating the sequence of administrative or other process from initiation to completion.

SharePoint integration with existing enterprise solutions and processes ensures the continuity of business process and guarantees accomplishment.


We use Microsoft Office 365 to free people from their devices so that they can be productive when and where and how they want, easily accessing colleagues and data to get their work done.”
Kimley Horn

Mike Wetzel Manager, Business Transformation & Corporate Systems at The Hershey Company

SharePoint Overview

In addition, SharePoint and Teams provide:

Content Management & Collaboration -Provide employees with access to their data anytime, anywhere puts innovation on the fast track to extend your market.

Personal Document Storage -Easily Locate Data from Multiple Platforms using SharePoint on filenames, document text/phrases, author info, data, and more.

Process Automation & Integration-Automating the sequence of administrative or other process from initiation to completion.


What can you do?

 The Process Automation and Integration aspect of SharePoint and Teams allows you to:

Everyone knows SharePoint as a tool for document management, enterprise search, and intranets. But if you haven’t seen what it can do to automate repeatable work processes, read on.

When integrating SharePoint with existing enterprise solutions and processes, organizations can streamline workflows and expedite outcomes. Many manual processes consume time that could be better used elsewhere. SharePoint can easily automate a business process as a workflow. SharePoint workflows automatically create documents, assign tasks, add milestones, and ask for updates from team members.

Workflows can be as simple as updating a status or as complicated as automating a series of repeatable activities.  For example Enabling's TEAM marketing uses the combination of Teams ( SharePoint is the backend), Flow and Planner to automate our monthly Webinars and In Person events to propagate the repetitive tasks into Planner so tasks are not forgotten. Many simple workflows can be created with little-to-no training; however, the more complicated the process, the more complicated it is to build. Enabling’s consultants are here to help you with the following:

  • Understanding your target process and educating you on how it can be optimized with SharePoint
  • Educating you on SharePoint Designer, Workflow Manager, and other development tools
  • Designing the workflow, discussing the options for implementing a workflow, and their pros/cons
  • Implementing and training your staff on how to make changes or build your next workflow
  • Establishing hierarchy, allowing the workflow to process through a chain
  • Testing, managing, and optimizing your workflow over time

    Many workflows will require additional toolsets to efficiently navigate through the process. Tools may be free, like SharePoint Designer or Microsoft Flow (if using O365), or licensed third party tools such as Nintex or K2. Some may even require custom Visual Studio coding for elaborate processes. Enabling has experts in all of these areas to guide you through design, build, rollout, and training.

    Not all processes can be automated; but with proper evaluation and planning, most can. Why not take advantage of SharePoint’s capabilities? Enabling can lead you through a standard process to automate workflows via SharePoint.

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If you would like to go "all in" with Cloud consider Microsoft Teams the NEXT generation of Collaboration.



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