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Our Security Process

The Team That Your Executives Will Approve Of

Your executive team will love us because of our proven process that ensures a predictable and successful outcome. You will love us because we like getting into the weeds.

Our Focus







“Have a partner such as Enabling Technologies on your side and plan for all possible outcomes. I absolutely and without hesitation recommend that other organizations consider Enabling for similar projects.”
Shawn Bristow

Ralph Bellandi CIO at MKTG


Introductory Meeting

  • Your team meets with our engineers and project managers. 
  • Discuss your current security strategies. 
  • Discover current vulnerabilities 
  • Walk us through how you would like to see your employees take-action.
Process72_Technical Review

Technical Review

  • Our engineers assess your current security tools.   
  • We look at your infrastructure to see if it’s ready for specific security transformations. 
  • We discover how your team works together. Are they mobile? Do they work from home? What tools are they using? 
Process72_Planning and Design

Planning and Design

  • Our team provides recommendations based on insights we’ve gathered from your organization.  
  • Work collaboratively to write and edit your IT security policies. 
  • Develop a strategy to balance both productivity and security for all departments. 
  • Create an incident response plan.

Project Deployment

  • You’re provided with a dedicated engineer from our team. 
  • They follow our plan. 
  • They track milestones and deadlines based on our deployment details.

Managed Services

  • The solution is verified through a formal testing process by your dedicated engineer.  
  • Training is provided to both administrators and end-users to ensure adoption of new technologies as well as new security policies. 
  • Our support specialist will work with you to ensure on-going satisfaction with any applications or tools implemented.

Customer Security Journey

Viewpoint Logo

Company Profile

Industry: Construction

Global Headquarters: Portland, OR

Customers: 8,000+

Employees: 1,000+

We had all this terrible traffic hitting us, but we weren't even aware of it.
Jack Chamberlain of Viewpoint

Jack Chamberlain Systems Administrator at Viewpoint

ViewPoint Software

A common scenario we encounter is a customer that has invested in securing their on-premises data and devices. As they move to the cloud they come to us for security guidance. After partnering with us, ViewPoint is using Microsoft Cloud App Security and Advanced Threat Protection to mitigate attempted attacks. Assisted by Enabling Technologies, ViewPoint is seeing immediate results of the customized PhishHunter configurations.


The Results



“We didn't have any visibility at all.  Users would occasionally alert us if they thought they'd been phished. We never knew the details behind it.”


"We proactively get an email that something happened, we quickly investigate, then contact the user to rectify if they’ve been compromised.”

5 Percent


“Managing email security related tasks took up about 25% of my time.”


“For our small group, we’re dealing with email security only 5% of the time."


Compliance As Security Technology

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New Microsoft Defender security tools: MDEASM and MDTI

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What's your Secure Score? 

When MSFT released its Office 365 Secure Score in mid-2017, it promised to be a helpful roadmap for IT Pros to secure their O365 environment. 18 months later, O365 tenants are still woefully insecure.  Contact us to see how you can improve your Secure Score.